PVC Fume Cupboards


At I-Fab we specialise in PVC fume cupboards to suit a range of needs. We fully manufacture, install, maintain, service and re-furbish PVC Fume Cupboards. All PVC fume cupboards are of welded PVC construction with fixed heat and acid resistant work surfaces. Cupboards are supported by stainless steel under benches and single-sided cupboards feature a 3 layer baffle.


I-Fab manufactures PVC Fume Cupboards in various sizes and can also be custom-made to fit an existing space. The most common sizes for PVC Fume cupboards can be found below.

Model (Single-sided) Dimensions (mm)
Width Depth Height
1200 1200 750 1500
1500 1500 750 1500
1800 1800 750 1500
2000 2000 750 1500


PVC fume cupboards come in two basic types; single-sided and double sided.

Single-sided fume cupboards have one opening to access the work space as shown in the photo on the left.

Double-sided cupboards have two openings, one on either side of the work space as shown in the photo on the right. This means that the cupboard can be accessible from two different rooms.

Both types of cupboards are available in a range of sizes.

Modulaire Fume Cupboards


Each fume cupboard is supported by a stainless steel under bench that is fitted with PVC sliding doors to give the cupboard a crisp, clean look ready for your laboratory.

Single-sided cupboards feature a 3 layer baffle that allow for high, medium and low suction for the fume cupboard. This design allows chemicals to be removed from the cupboard quickly and efficiently.


All PVC cupboards are tested to Australian Standards. To meet standard PVC Cupboards are typically tested annually or six monthly depending on the level of use. Each service includes a velocity test, light test, containment test as well as a clean and maintenance check of all associated equipment.

Other Services

At I-Fab we re-furbish fume cupboards to bring them up to Australian Standard. If you have a cupboard that needs re-vamping fill out an enquiry form on our Contact Us page or give us a call to discuss your options.