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I-Fab specialise in building the most dependable and cost effective Fume Cupboards and extraction systems.

Our Fume Cupboards and Exhaust Fans are designed for environments where there are problems with contaminants and corrosion. Intended to remove vapours, gases, flammable, corrosive, toxic and other wise dangerous materials. We service an array of sites including Research Facilities, Clean Rooms, Laboratories, Technology and Chemical Processing Facilities.

Nata LogoFume Cupboards and exhaust fans are available in a variety of sizes and specifications. NATA Accreditation and Certification for Testing, Service and Maintenance Department.

About Us

I-Fab is a Brisbane based, locally owned Plastic Fabrication business. We specialise in fume extraction systems.

  • Testing
  • Experience
  • Manufacturing
  • Dependability
  • Installation

Service & Maintenance

Full NATA endorsed Test Reports are supplied with each service.

Test Reports Include:

  • Velocity Test
  • Light Test
  • Containment Test
  • Australian Standards Compliance Report
  • Defect Report
  • Scrubber unit Inspection

Our Products