At I-Fab we manufacture, maintain and install a wide range of fans and extraction systems. Our fans come in different sizes to suit your laboratory’s needs and can be made in left and right hand scrolls. Each fan is fitted with either a single or three-phase motor depending on your needs and all fans are made from chemical resistant PVC to ensure safety and longevity of the product.


Available Fan Sizes
TM 160
TM 200
TM 250
TM 315
TM 400


At I-Fab we endeavor to use the type of ducting that best suits your project needs.
We use PVC round or rectangular ducting in a multitude of sizes depending on your specific needs. We maintain and install ducting to safely connect your fume cupboard or hood to a chemical resistant extraction fan. The PVC pipe is a popular choice as it is non-corrosive and chemical resistant.

We install associated accessories to compliment and increase the functionality of our PVC ducting, these include:

– Bends – constructed from PVC to support the structure of the ducting as it curves to suit the shape of the building or bypass existing structures and wiring.

– Expansion rings – constructed from PVC to provide extra support the joins of the ducting.

– Dampers – constructed from  PVC to enhance or inhibit air flow through the ducting tubes.

Whether your ducting is brand new or existing, I-Fab installs and refurbishes PVC ducting and associated accessories. We install in plant rooms, classrooms and if required on external building walls.